Monday, April 19, 2010

The Give Me's

I have to make this blog post because it is something that has been burning in my brain for this last week. On my Facebook I have some of my friends from my last schools that I have been to. A few weeks ago one girl posted in her status that she was mad that her dad got a boat and that she wasn't going to get a car for her birthday and that she was mad over it. This weekend I saw another one of her statuses that said "I am going to die if I do not get the iPad for my birthday". Come on grow up you are turning 17 years old. It got me thinking about some of the things that my mom has told me in the past.

One of the reasions that we are having so many international money problems is because of greedy children, and their give me's. 

Yes, I am a teenager, and yes I do  'wish' for alot of things. My parents tell me though that I have to pay for them myself or earn them working for them. I do not have a lot of things in my room or life that I would not have really wanted for myself. Things that I have I have to wait for some time to get if my parents buy them and that gives me alot of time to think my decisions over if I really want that or would I like to get something else insted. 

I love my bags and I have alot of them. They are expensive, but not as expensive as a Coach and if my mom didn't sell them I would not have any in the first place. Almost every one of my bag have been hard earned and I had to wait for them even though they are just sitting next door so I have alot of time to think over is this really what I want. 

I am starting to babble its probally the sleep talking good night. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lifes little 'great' times.

Well Easter week, there did not happened a lot. I did a lot of reading, sleeping and homework. I was caught up with all my classes and ready to get over with the rest of this semester. Well the unthinkable happened my laptop Thursday died. I turned it on and when down stairs to the bathroom and when I got back up I thought what, I thought I had just turned this thing on and I tried to start it again. Nothing. Then I got the beeping noise coming from it. BATTERY LOW. No it can't be I just plugged it in. I looked at all my cables and they all looked right. Well I thought it might be the cable wasn't in right on the laptop so I pulled it out and tried to set in in again. hmmm that's wearied its not going in right. So I looked at it and well the whole thing broke off to the inside. Just my luck and I hadn't started taking stuff off yet so all of my school work and other things are gone :( This really sucks.