Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mid November post.

Life has been busy and complicated for me the last few weeks though my mother would probably say different. She would say that I am a lazy teenager and that I never do anything. Well I think different and thats all that matters right.

Well I have been packing and I only have a few different thing to do before I move.

I have been going to the gym although I don't know if it has made any difference because I haven't weighed myself since after my trip to Dublin.

I start back to driving lessons this week which will add one more activity to my week.

I have been looking for a job and writing applications or as my mother calls it sitting in my room on the computer doing nothing.

I am so tired of my school I could scream! I really never I could hate a school as much as I do mine which is crazy. Therefor I am looking into/applying for the new IB line which is going to take even more work from me which I think I will be able to handle.

I think I have finally found out what I am going to do which is a good thing but I think makes me sad because I have to give up my dream job. Its something that I have to do though to be able to take care of myself later in life.

I have been trying to relax, because I can't sleep at night which isn't helping my moodiness. I think I just have so much on my mind that I just can't get any real rest. You can really have a problem when you dream that your parents are telling you to get a job.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Moving out post

You know how when you are little you always dream about the day that you move out as soon as your 18. Then as you get older you understand that responsibility of the situation and  you don't think that you will be able to handle it yourself or as soon as you thought. Well its my time to figure out if I am up to the task of living by myself. I have signed all of the papers and I get the keys to my new apartment on the 1st of December.