Friday, October 29, 2010

My 18th Birthday.

The 24th was my 18th birthday. After all of theses years of waiting for this day it was just like any other day in my life except I kept getting gifts. I guess that what happens as you as you get older. Holidays and birthdays don't feel the same to you anymore.

I had a great birthday weekend. Probably the best birthday that I have had in many years. My parents threw me a surprise party Saturday at our house and my closest friends came over and Sørens parents and there spouses where there. Our family friends aka (Makayla's godfather and his cake goddess of a wife came and brought me my cake)

Sunday Sørens friend came over for early dinner and so did of family friend Lars and his kiddios it was a nice relaxing day without a lot if excitement.

Dublin post

I got back from Dublin on Friday the 14th. I had a heawesome trip over there, and I learned a lot.

Friday night we left on the train at 9.50

We arrived at the airport around 2.30 the next morning at around 6 am we started check in and our plane left around 8 am. We arrived in Dublin 9.30 local time. We took a bus then to down town Dublin and walked the little 5 or so minute walk to the hostel then we where let loose until 2 pm to go find somewhere to eat. At 2 pm we where given our room keys and where then given off for the rest of the day. Me and Karina my BFF went looking around for a Starbucks and we couldn't find any in the hour or so we where walking around so we decided that we would just walk back to the hotel and guess what we found :) Starbucks there is really alot of those in different places around town.

Sunday we went for a walk through out the town and got the chance to see some of the different places and landmarks there. In the afternoon we went to see the National Museum.

Monday we went up into the moutians for the day, and we went for a very long walk. Then we went to the beach because we didn't have that much time left to go to the other place that we where going to go to. We went home that night and me and my BFF went to Hardrock and had so much fun.

Tuesday we went to Guinness and where there until 2 or so then we walked to the National Gallery on the way we stopped by Trinity Collage and one of my friends went in to look at the book of Kiels while us 3 girls waited outside in the sun.

Wendesday we went to Dublinia and we went to Christ Church which was the highlight of my trip I loved it :)

Thursday was spent packing and shopping and then at 2 local time we set out for the airport by 6pm we where on the plane that landed around 8 Copenhagen time and we where home in around 3.30 am Friday. Hopefully I will post more pictures soon :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It makes me feel good when.

I can see the search world that people put in for my blog. Well when I was looking at yesterdays stats on how many people had looked at my blog I see that someone did a google search after my blog. Yaa. Sad part is the searched after "crazy misplaced texan" :( Am I really crazy? I have never thought so, but I guess I am.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1 year

Today is the 1 year anni of the day of my bike accident. I can't believe that it has been that long. You can read about it here. I messed up my face very badly (I will save you from the picture). Just remember to remind your children that even if you think that it will never happen to you it will and WEAR YOU `R BIKE HELMETS!!!
Please save your brain and body from the pain mine had to go through.

Monday, October 4, 2010


My blog has gone pink for the month of October. I love to support breast cancer so this is how I do so. I love buying products also that are supportive of cancer orgnasations like I  have my HardRock T from last year that I wear all year long, along with my keychain. I love buying these bags because all year long money goes to support breast cancer here. I love being involved in many cancer support months and support items. I might just post some more this month about them here :) 

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I know that I have been wanting to do this for along time. There is just been so much on my mind that I keep putting this off or just forgetting all about posting. I have a back up of homework that should have been 2 weeks ago that is still looking at me in the book shelf across from me right now. The house work that I just never seem to be able to finish. The pants that have been in my room and that I have not been wearing because they are not ironed. All of the hours that I have spent at the gym just to end up gaining weight. The time that I have spent getting ready for my trip to Ireland in a little over a week! :) The reports I have done at school that I keep trying to write :) at the end of each sentience because of all the texts I have sent in the last month. The ough so many hours on the bus each day back and forth from school ( a hour each way) listing to my iPod and day dreaming. Yet there is so much more including that I am falling asleep right now along with all the other days lately when I fall asleep around 10 or so because I can't hold my eyes open anymore.

I I have to say is 1 week then there is vacation for 2 and then in 2 weeks and 2 hours is my 18th birthday :)
A very long awaited day. Hoping to get back and post some pictures after my trip :)