Saturday, December 6, 2014

College life.

Seeing as I am majorly late on this post. I figured that since I have finally have a break from school I will post it for everyone who needs help like I did. I am a planner, I like to know what I am going to do long before I do so. I started looking for information on what to bring to college in May. I want to know long before what was expected that I brought and what others advise one to being to college. The only problem was that there wasn't really that much information out there, and what was I didn't find very useful. I myself had gone to boarding school some 5 years before so I knew somewhat of what I needed so starting from there I pulled any information I could find helpful. After almost 4 long months I had an attack plan for move in. Needless to say I have almost everything I could need for the school year. I have a full detailed list of everything I brought but this is how I packed everything.

This is my bathroom stuff. Everything from first aid and meds to hairspray and shampoo I placed into one of the sturdy tubs to make stuff easier to carry. I wanted less bags as possible. I found this idea from a link I found on Pintrest with ideas for packing.
This basket here had the few DVD's that I wanted to bring along with my picture frames I wanted and some string lights.
I left as much in the smaller packaging as possible. I heard that lighting was really bad so I wanted to make sure I had a lamp. Pillows of coarse are important. Vacuum- we don't have one in our dorms to use. The stool is because I knew that I was going to raise my bed. My topper is heaven, everyone comes into my room sits on my bed and falls in love with it.  I was told that the rooms would be hot so I brought a fan but if you get cold easy I would recommend bringing extra blankets.
The printer and table I did end up returning to the store. My pillows I love in my room they make the bed much more comfty to sit on, and the small lap desk for my laptop when I am in bed.
Plastic storage for under my bed. The reason why I have the stool.
I wanted extra storage in my room and extra places for someone to sit if needed. I love these, bought them on clearance the year before.
I put all the small school stuff in here to make it easier to carry.
Desk lamp with extra plugs is a must, also don't forget trashcans.
The tool bag. That's the one thing on every list I found on the internet. I have an Ethernet cord in there also and a lock for my trunk, don't forget the duck-tape.
My 31 bags the black and white one had makeup. The other I placed all socks and underclothes in.

My picture board and laptop bag.
I placed shoes into the bottom of the large utility 31 bag.
Placed hangers, laundry soap and anything else I could fit on top of it.
This is a 6 cube wire shelf that I brought from home. I saw a few places that said to bring a bookshelf and my school didn't have one in the room. I figured that it didn't take up enough room not to try and bring it. It fits in my room and I love it. I use it for all my folders and school books. 
I placed any binders, folders, and notebooks into my backpack I could to make them easier to carry.
This is the xl utility tote I believe. I filled the bottom with whatever I could.
And placed the sheets I needed right away on top so they would be easy access.
The car all packed. It didn't take us very long to remove everything.
Work in progress.
I love my room.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My life

I'm excited to start blogging again. I can't believe it's been what almost three years since I have last posted something. I have grown up, done a lot of living and I think I am better for it. I moved back to the US 3 years ago and moved up to Tennessee. Started working and live up there for a little over a year. In July of 2013 I moved back to Texas and was working and trying to get myself into college for the 3rd time with no luck along with changing what I wanted to do every time I was applying to school. Until this May when I finally succeeded in getting into school. On August 21st I moved into my dorm room :) yah my blog will now be my story through my college years. Hopefully. Through the thick and thin. Through the good the bad and the ugly.