Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another week of school has gone by and things are just as busy for me as they where the first week. I have found out since my last update that I need glasses and/or contacts so I now have contacts and am going this week to get my glasses. I have made a lot of Dr. trips, I have a never ending pile of homework that waits one me as I write this. I have tried to get it to go way believe me it just keeps following me with its haunting self and when ever I finish something it just comes back and piles its self up higher :S

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to school post

Well its time for my back to school post since I started school this Tuesday. Well like B2S every year it rains always for the first week. It did again this year, and they have moved the first years away from us so we have to walk in the rain to get to them.

Over here there is a tredtion that the 2 and 3 year students get to color on the 1 years for the first week.

We have a few lockers at our school and I grabbed one the first day and boy am I glad that I did we have alot of books this year and it would suck to have to carry them up that latter everyday. (Because they are redoing our school so the whole first level is unuseable.)

When we got out of school yesterday it started poring and we ended up in the bus soaked and that was so not fun to come home wet!

In the morning I have to go to driving on the closed corse in town. It is my first time in the driver seat of a car when it is on and moving. I am so nervous!
After that I have to go down and get my pictures done for my physical and then I have to hop onto the bus to go to the Dr. and get my physical done. So no school in the morning for me!

I have a iPhone now and I love it! It is so awesome. I have gotten my MacBook up and running (that is what I am on now) I love not having to have a cord plugged into it at all times. It is very nice.

Ok I am hoping to post again soon. I should get back to my homework and my reading my book for driving school. I have like 60 pages I need to read very soon.

G2G with lots of love Deanna :) <3

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Before school update

I am so slow at writing and I can't believe that it has taking me this long to write a new post. Well here goes.
I finally got bought me a new laptop my moms old, MacBook its not that old only 3 years or so and I just received my battery in the mail this morning. Its taking a while to get everything moved, I don't know if my iTunes will ever move. :S Not so fun! I have over 1400 songs and it will suck to have to move them one by one.

I am still wishing for a iPhone.

I will be 18 in less them 3 months :D YA! 

At that I have started driving lessons. I am nervous but excited and will have to go to class every Tuesday night from 6-9pm 

I start school next week and I have a full almost full schedule every day from 8-3.30 every day and the homework on top of that :S Not so cool

As you can  tell I have redone my blog because the background went MIA so I had to do something to it and this is what I came up with. 

Deanna :D