Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Before school update

I am so slow at writing and I can't believe that it has taking me this long to write a new post. Well here goes.
I finally got bought me a new laptop my moms old, MacBook its not that old only 3 years or so and I just received my battery in the mail this morning. Its taking a while to get everything moved, I don't know if my iTunes will ever move. :S Not so fun! I have over 1400 songs and it will suck to have to move them one by one.

I am still wishing for a iPhone.

I will be 18 in less them 3 months :D YA! 

At that I have started driving lessons. I am nervous but excited and will have to go to class every Tuesday night from 6-9pm 

I start school next week and I have a full almost full schedule every day from 8-3.30 every day and the homework on top of that :S Not so cool

As you can  tell I have redone my blog because the background went MIA so I had to do something to it and this is what I came up with. 

Deanna :D

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