Thursday, April 23, 2015

Serengetee: Wear the World!

This semester I have been lucky to be a campus representative for Serengetee! They are an amazing company started by two college students in their dorm room. I love Serengetee so much because they give back to causes in need all over the world. There are 32 causes right now that they are supporting.
I fell in love with Serengetee a little over a year ago when I saw their American Flag shirt and decided to give them a try. They now have many more products to choose from now, including backpacks, shorts, and headphones!
Whats the best part you ask? That the fabrics come from all over the world, so its like owning a piece of that country you don't even have to visit. So take a chance, check them out (link above) and tell me what you think.

Wear the world. Change the world. Serengetee!

Me wearing my favorite shirt  Rio baseball tee and my Galaxy earings