Thursday, October 8, 2009

As many people know I had a little accident on Monday on my way home from school. I started biking home and I got out of the city where I go to school and started on the bike road home and I started coughing really bad and couldn't stop. So I got off my bike and started walking. When I was at the top of a hill a couple of min. later it started raining so I decided that because my rain jacket that I had on didn't work very well that I would start biking again because I didn't want to get wet. While I was walking this runner ran by me. I biked past er and that's the last that I remember the next thing was I was laying down and I could hear 2 women voices and 3 men's voices around me. In the time that I was laying there, someone had called my parents and told them that I had been `hit by a car?` Which didn't happen. my parents started on there way to the hospital about 45 min away. So in that 45 min my parents thought that I was hit by a car and dieing. They got to the hospital before us because I have huge problems with cars. When I got there they checked out my neck to see if it was broken and x-ray ed my hand to see if it was broken which it wasn't. Then they said that I could go home if I wanted. So they started getting me up so I could go home and we had to take off my boarding school hoodie ( one that everyone signs on the back of it) because it was cut from the wrist up to my underarms and from my neck to my underarms. We got me into the car that's when I was told that they had cut some of my hair off, and that's what my mom had put in the trash when we where at the hospital. On the way home my parents stopped to get dinner for them, and check to see if my bike was locked so that we could pick it up the next day, and we headed home. When I got home I jumped into the shower so I could at least feel clean, while my mom went to go get my sisters.

The next day Søren went to go get me lunch and when he came back he asked if mom had asked one of the family friends to pick up my bike. Mom told him no that she hadn't and said that that wasn't a funny joke. We found out later that someone had stole my bike.

Yesterday night I wanted Ice cream so I went out side to get some I came in and made bowls for all of us and guess what happened when I went out side to put it up. I fell down the stairs.

Yes this is not fun or funny.

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