Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Crazy life......

Lets see long time. I have been really busy with school work exc. so some of this is going to be from a long time ago.

On the 24 was my birthday, that I hate, I am now 17 :). I was planing on doing a party on the 31 and have one of my friends that goes to school with me now over on the 24th because she doesn't know the other girl, and well that didn't work out that well because my mom got the flu. GRRRRR. Knowing how my luck goes I couldn't have anything on the 31 because everyone was already busy. HMMMM.

It seems also like the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy for me too. Am I ever going to get a break. This weekend I am planing on taking mack to the movies and she wants to see a Christmas Carol in 3D and mom talked a little about going to Legoland.

The weekend after that I have to take Mackenzie to horse riding because Søren is leading the class.

The 20th I was going to go with some of the girls from my boarding school to see New Moon and then it was that one of the girls couldn't come so we where going to see it the 27th well now that not going to happen and every year my Decembers are always booked so I couldn't go see it then. So now me and my friend are going to see it on the 20th and we are going to have a movie night at her house.

And well the list keeps building...

I hope that maybe I will have time between now and Christmas to write again. Well we will see how that goes.

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