Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ok well I think that its about time to write this since it happened a long time ago, even though no one reads this thing any way.

Well my trip to Germany was awesome. When we went to the baby show I was lucky enough to met Joe that owns Ju-Ju-Be which was really cool. With the idea that I love their bags even though I am not a mom, but a teenage sister to 2 little sisters. They are awesome bags.

Our trip to Sweden was different because it was cold, very cold. I hate cold weather and for me to be up there when it was so cold outside was kinda funny. Its like sticking a Texan up in Canada in the winter time and saying have fun and don't freeze. haha NOT!!!!

Last time I was in Sweden was last year on my way to Norway for a school ski trip and when I got to Norway I was freezing my butt off because I was told. You don't have to be dressed for snow weather because when we get to Norway we are going to walk a little bit but that's just into you cabins and then you can change and do what ever you want. hahaha. When we got there I was dressed in sweat pants and had rubber boots on with thin socks in them. Funny right? At the bottom of the mountain the buses stopped after ours got stuck and we had to get our bags out. So I was thinking that the houses where just a little while away. NOT. We had to walk half way up the mountain with our bags food for that week exc. While Deanna was car sick after spending 18 hours in a bus. By the time I got to the cabin I thought that we where going to be able to go in WRONG! We had to pile our bags up and go back down for more. Well they had to I didn't because I was feeling sick. The teachers come over and tell us that we had to walk around for the next hour when Deanna couldn't feel her toes.

Well any way I got to come in the warm, and I didn't die.

Lets see I went to see New Moon on the 21th, being the Twilight junkie that I am. I saw it with my friend that I turned Twilight junkie. She had just seen Twilight the week before we went in to see it and has never read the books. She was sad when the movie ended because she wants to know what Bella says. She is aggravated that it stopped like that but she doesn't want to know what Bella says. I love that I read the books already and know what happened or else I wouldn't have lasted a day. heheh :P

We are finally moving!!!!

We moved the store this weekend, and it was a lot of fun to do. Now we are moving on to that we have to pack up all of our stuff to move. I hope that this time we will be able to have everything done fast and not still be moving a month after. We are doing a lot of cleaning though now and a lot of getting rid of junk.

On Thursday I am being operated on, and then later that night is a meeting at my school.

The rest of this month is going to be packing, helping out in the store and doing homework.

Which reminds me at the end of this month I have a exam and I have to choose my classes for the next 2 1/2 years.

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