Friday, March 16, 2012

It's time for a new change in my life.

Over the past almost year I have been working hard on getting back in track just like they should have been for me before, having not jumped of my path for a while. In August I started a IB school and have been a IBDP student up until now when I will have to stop because I am moving back to they US. Yes you heard me right I am moving back home and I am nervous and excited both at the same time. I am planing on leaving soon as within the next month or so and will be moved up to where I am going to live by June. Before June though I will be working hard on getting my GED and job/ jobs. So that I can get my own place and pay for college :) Yes I will be going off to college very soon and I am very excited for that. At the same time though I will be missing my school and friends over here. Even though the past 8 months have been hard and exhausting, I have been very grateful for the chance to have been it this awesome program at this school. Having met the most wonderful people from also multi-culture families/ backgrounds. Looking back on this journey I wouldn't have changed it for the world, ok well maybe just have tried to find a school like this sooner :)

P.S. I am going to culinary school :) and I think its time the name of my blog changes I am not so lost any more :)

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